Trailer Let’s dance : when Rayane Bensetti mixes hip-hop and classical dance

The trailer for Let’s dance by Ladislas Chollat has just been unveiled. This romantic comedy brought by Rayane Bensetti and Alexia Giordano comes out in our cinemas on march 27th. Since the fifth season of the reality show Dancing with the stars, Rayane Bensetti’t stop dancing. After sharing a few dance steps in the second part of Tamara to the side of his partner Heloise Martin, the actor is the poster for Let’s Dance. This romantic comedy in the vein of a Sexy dance and Save the last dance, is the first feature film by Ladislas Chollat, who has also directed many plays and musicals Resists and Oliver Twist. The latter has been approached by the producers who offered him to do a dance film. Met on the set of Let’s Dance, Ladislas Chollat explains : The dance film is “a genre that we really don’t know to do in France. And so this challenge was pleasant to me. (…) Get to do a dance film in which there is meaning and where it is not only in a performance race. A film that tells a story a little initiatory. And I felt that I could give breath to this genre. (…) There are a lot of magic to film, the dance, the body moves in space”. Let’s Dance : it was about the shooting of the next film with Rayane Bensett In the feature film, Rayane Bensetti embodies Joseph, a passionate dancer of hip-hop who decides to try his luck in Paris. Hired by Rémi (Guillaume de Tonquedec), a former star dancer became a teacher, Joseph finds the middle of the dance classic, and meets Chloé (Alexia Giordano), in full preparation of the competition entry at the New York City Ballet. Through this meeting, orchestrating the alliance unexpectedly between hip-hop and classical dance, Joseph will learn to feel legitimate as a dancer and leader, and thus become an artist. The choreography of the movie were imagined by Marion Motin, who has worked on StreetDance 2, the musical comedy is resilient and clips of Stromae, Papaoutai and All the same. Let’s Dance will be released in our cinemas on march 27.

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